Young professionals are starved for insight about how the hiring process works.


During this 4-hour workshop students will learn:

  • The essentials for writing your first resume
  • Best practices for using LinkedIn
  • The hiring equation and why it’s significant
  • How to be conversational in the interview
  • How to make a positive first impression
  • The art of informational interviewing
  • A strategy for preparing for every interview
  • 4 ways to stand out in the interview process
  • The 3 things the interviewer wants to know
  • How to leverage recruiters and staffing firms

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Colleges and universities face increasing pressure to help graduates land their first job. Yet it’s difficult for career centers and placement offices to stay current with the latest hiring trends.  Students can’t be fully prepared to enter the 21st century job market with 20th century advice.


An experienced recruiter David understands how people get hired. He will provide a glimpse into what really happens inside hiring process. Want to know what happens to your resume after you click SEND? Or what the interviewer is really thinking? David can tell you.


David’s expert advice and practical instruction will turbo-charge your students’ job searches. This program is packed with convention-busting insights. He will flatten the learning curve and propel students into the job market with practical knowledge and resonating confidence.

I have greater knowledge and confidence as I look forward to my future.

Lindsay RigginsUniversity of South Carolina

I’m getting a lot more interest from employers because of this program.

Taylor SchlentzNorth Carolina State University

This has been a huge help because I don’t have the most stellar GPA.

Corey LockwoodClemson

The smartest investment you can make after four years of tuition.

Cole DeVaulUniversity of Pittsburgh

Ready to invest in your Graduates?

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