People are your company’s greatest asset, but only to the extent you invest in them.


In this ½-day or full-day* workshop recruiters will:

  • Learn advanced techniques for attracting top talent
  • Understand how to get passive candidates to return your call
  • Improve the response rate to recruiting emails and LinkedIn invites
  • Apply new ways to create instant credibility with candidates
  • The most important element of employer branding
  • The acid test for determining if a candidate is active or passive
  • Understand how to strengthen relationships with hiring managers
  • Use the Hiring Grid to establish credibility with managers
  • Improve their efficiency and shorten the “time to hire”
  • Exchange ideas and best practices for recruiting techniques

*Full-day program:

Attendees will test new techniques in live conversations. No simulations or roll-playing. We will invite hiring managers to the session to be interviewed by the group and use this information to develop fresh branding statements for all recruiting calls. Attendees are encouraged to bring open recruiting projects as we will make live recruiting calls from the front of the room to prospective candidates.

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Tasked with attracting talent to their organizations, internal recruiters are unsung heroes at many companies. Talent acquisition professionals are warriors, fighting the war for talent every day. Yet their success is rarely praised.


Recruiters are so busy promoting the careers of others they don’t have time to invest in themselves. As a result most recruiters have not been formally trained in years – if ever. Take these warriors off the battlefield for one day and refuel them with a protein-rich learning experience.


Drawing upon lessons from 20+ years in executive search, David Pinkley offers powerful training programs for new and experienced recruiters. Jam-packed with practical insights and easy-to-use tools, this program will recharge your talent acquisition team. An excellent investment in your unsung heroes.

An excellent program if you are recruiting tough-to-find talent.

Liz BrodieDirector, TIAA-CREF

David is an amazing collaborator! I trust him implicitly.

Fran GoldsteinSenior Consultant, Keystone Partners

I feel empowered to go out and be a better recruiter.

Alicia ReckordContract Recruiter

Your material is very unique. This is not a cookie-cutter approach.

Michael BanksSenior Recruiter, MasTec

This is the recruiting industry’s Moneyball moment!

Chris DrescherSenior Recruiter, Splunk

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